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Modou Gueye arrived in Italy in 1990. Between 1990 and 1993 did various jobs: from pedlar to mason, tyreman and at last, after following a bakery course, he was a baker for six years. Since 1993 he collaborates with the theatre lab “Mascherenere”, association in Milan, from 1995 on, as chairman. Within the said association he is organizer of various events for the diffusion of african cultures and promotion of multiculturality. He takes part, as an actor, to some editions of the “lAltrofestival” the migration theatre festival of Milan. Organizaed by Mascherenere in collaboration with the NGO Coopi. Since 2004 he organizes the “Africamilano” festival.He takes part to various theatre plays as an actor: “Gora the Ndiobenne taylor”, “Medzoo MOkos”, “Under the Bed”, “Thoughts form a Journey”. But Modous theatre course is rich and heterogeneous: actor with ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) in the play: “The Coffee Shop” by C. Goldoni under the direction of Gigi DallAglio, performing next to Paolo Bonacelli (1996 1998); actor with Paolo Rossi in “Romeo and Juliet, an organzed delirium evening” (1999 2001); actor in “Apocalypse” with La Corte Ospitale (Reggio Emilia) under the direction of Franco Brambilla.From 2003 on he acts and directs plays such as: “Dare to Invent the Future, the Rebel President” dedicated to Thomas Sankara, “The Child Soldier”, “Modous Tales” and “Travelling with our Rights”.Since 1998 he is envolved in the field of development and intercultural education with labs for children and training for school teachers of different levels. He collaborated with various NGOs always in the field of interculture: with the Franceschi Foundation form 2004 to 2006, with PIME of Milan, with fair trade cooperatives, ACRA, Pavia-Senegal Cometee, and many others. His professional experience develops also in the literary field with several publications: “Thoughts from a Journey” on Alien, humanist review (1998); “I am Half and Half” on Memories in the Suitcase with Fara Editore. (1997); “Gora the Ndiobenne Taylor” in Mosaici dInchiostro published fro having won the 3rd reward of the literary prize EKS&TRA and “The Swindler” in the Le Voci dellArcobaleno always with Fara Editore (1995).In the music field, he is next to Roberto Vecchioni in the album “In Malindi” while in Senegal he records an album dedicated to Thomas Sankara, with the participation of various artists such as Soda Mama Fall, Babulaye Cissoko, Saraba and many others. Coming soon in Germany and Italy the album “Soul Africa” by Green Movie.In the show business he appears several times on television and is actually part of the cabaret lab “Zelig Strangers” about humor by immigrants in Italy. Modou Gueye is envolved also in the field of decentralized cooperation with Sunugal Association ( where he pursues alphabetisation and rural development projects.| T. +39 338.31.40.224


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